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I've also (relatively commonly) heard such sounds called sex noises (not sounds), which might actually be your best bet here: "It's cute when she makes sex noises while she's fighting."I like whimper and I hadn't thought of that. Maybe "short whimper sound" or "high whimper sound" works best in the Buffy example.

I found this example of whimper on that same site:

Whoever is the first to be stumped for a fresh synonym loses the round – and has to take a playful spanking, give the other one a kiss, or take off an item of clothing...if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique speaking technique I decoded.

It's easy to make the sound, and everyone knows what it is.Introduce the Sexy Word Game by telling your girl that you want to have a little fun using sexy and dirty words that you normally wouldn’t use. Tell her that together you’re going to think up alternatives to the word “sexy”, “penis”, “fuck” or any other racy word. "Give it to me hard." —@tiny_dancer_26"Oh that feels so good! " —@KK352"I want your body now." —@rymallow"Give it to me now." —@brittanylanders"Take me now! If you’re with a girl and want to get HER talking dirty, there’s a fun game you can play with synonyms that will quickly turn her speaking more filthy words than a drunken sailor.

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