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Using Confident Body Language Fighting With Confidence Avoiding Dangerous Situations Community Q&A Although it's never a good idea to fight, whether physical or verbal, sometimes a fight is unavoidable.

You may need to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. Looking flustered or nervous could make your opponent see you as weak, causing them to try to harm you more.

If you find yourself in this position, it can be helpful to try to appear a little scary and tougher to keep people from bothering you.

If you need to be mean and intimidating toward someone, then you have to have an attitude of "I don't care what anyone thinks," a healthy dose of confidence, and the words to back it up.Developing the Inner Badass Staying Above the Fray Community Q&A You know the guy — he parks his motorcycle and walks fearlessly into the bar, clad in black leather. He puts a bill on the table, which the barkeep accepts, putting a shot in front of him.You catch a glimpse of the man’s a devil-may-care look in his eye before you quickly look away.In order to get that edge, it is important to develop your own confidence and properly demonstrate it to your opponent.However, it is also necessary to maintain good sportsmanship and civility.

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