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* * * Finally, a reminder that this appeal to "uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us" comes from a show which as CBS reported back in March may have run afoul of the strict New York City Human Rights Law when a casting notice posted by the producers of “Hamilton" specifically was seeking “non-white” performers.

One critic said “Hamilton” takes a story that “valorizes dead white guys” and replaces it with black, Latino and multi-ethnic performers playing America’s founding fathers.

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“I stand by it and believe it to be legal,” he said. What America needs is to have, say, five political parties, that way they learn of how to work together.

That whole part was understandably missing from the show's appeal to VP-elect Mike Pence. When you have ONLY two political parties, one end up hating the other.

When Trump brought Clintons female victims to the debate was another great moment. Hamilton Burr II speaking of left democrats and new york gays and aaron burr and broadway, here's a start: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burr_(novel) the funniest part of all this is that their fave, barack obama, has killed (not joked about, not insulted, not refused to let immigrate to the u.s., not outlawed the employment of, not put in jail for a bit, not exiled, not imprisoned for life without parole, but fucking killed dead in their own homelands) maybe a million poor, brown-skinned people of a different religion than his (to hear him tell it). The Burr-Hamilton duel took place in Weehauken, New Jersey.

Frankly, it's no different than MDB linking his stupid 'accredited times' site. What's more annoying, to me anyway, is cluttering up a half a [front] page of comments on the subject playing the role of crusader of the universe. I would like to have a cheap re-creation of this exquisite moment in American history. There is something sardonic about the way it portrays him firing his weapon.

He concluded that "the cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. " And since we doubt anyone will apologize, this will merely serve as the latest news cycle focal point of "tolerance" tensions between Trump and an increasingly more vocal liberal population.

As in the case of Twitter, which prompted a strong reaction by conservatives following the social media's banning of some of the more prominent "alt-right" users, we anticipate that instead of leading to an easing in ideological tensions across the US, this latest example of how deep the "divide" runs within America, and will only lead to more polarization, not to mention a steep decline in Hamilton ticket sales which may have just lost half of its potential audience in the future.

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