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Almost all workout dvds these days expect you to take before and after snapshots of yourself wearing the bare minimum.So if you gift your sexy friend a workout dvd, chances are, they’ll snap themselves a few revealing photos for reference.Ever wish you could see what the whole thing really looked like? If you have a friend who’s dating a gorgeous looker, you’d be tempted to fantasize about your friend’s sexy date naked too.

[Read: 20 sexy questions to ask a guy and seduce him over text] So what do you do?] If we can’t see something, we want to see it more than ever.But more often than not, opportunities will come knocking on your door if you can just learn to keep your eyes open at the right time.You hit delete on those snaps you don’t like and forget all about it.But guess what, it’s all still there in the recycle bin. Almost all of us have a few naked pictures, or have taken them at some point in our lives.

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