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The MC's are not skilled at all, but their lyrics are just so ignorant that it's hard not to laugh at them and serves as good entertainment.Overall this album is not so bad, it's not something I would really recommend but it was at least enjoyable and there is much worse hip hop out there. I was pretty sure this was the Posse's first consistent album.Also, the repetition of "Malinko" and "Shangri-La" in various songs-which I assume are involved in some supposed lyrical theme that traces through all of the group's albums- makes it appear as if they are trying to reach for the stars and make a concept album. Every song I have heard is laden with almost nu-metalish guitar. After all, why would any ICP record need an astute analysis of lyrical themes? I can't even begin to explain how they masterfully crafted each song on this album.Every song on here is a greatest hit including my personal favorite "Halls of Illusions".Here's to hoping that all the "Juggalos" grow up and move on to better music.recently my one son brandon has gotten into the hip hop music and so sometimes he plays this album when were driving to the pickle barrel or applebees.i must have heard it more than any album in the last few months so i think it iss a good place for me to start with my reviewfirst off i honestly dont know what happened to music i mean i like some of the new stuff but it feels like no one plays real instruments anymore or has the passion they used to.

Lyrics: 2.0Beats: 3.25It's the ICP, quick throw your tomatoes!! What would be the world if there wasn't stuff that you could throw your hatred on?

ICP's review boxes are a place where you can let loose your frustration and let the world know just how much you're a hater!

As for me I still don't see what's so horrible about this group, it's just some watered down horrorcore like Esham.

"close your eyes open up your mouth and count to ten, you dont want to huh because you know my nuts are going inside" which wouldve probably made me laugh when i was 13, but brandon is already 18 and i worry that hes not a properly functional young adultall in all id say that this is not recommended especially not to young children despite that theyd probably get the most out of it Postives: some humour negatives: cursing, lewd language, electronic sounds, lots of made up words, it jst sounds like hammer with different subject matteruntil next time-ben"The Great Milenko" by Insane Clown Posse, is removed from store shelves because of the album's lyrical content, just hours after it was issued.

The group is quickly released from their recording contract and the band's label, Hollywood Records, is dumped by their parent company, Disney, even though company officials had known of the album's content for nearly a year.

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