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So, go out, have a drink, make a friend, or a life time connection!

Z, a recent and now single mother, and an old friend, tells me over a casual conversation on Facebook that she has downloaded three of the umpteen "dating apps" on her newly purchased smartphone and intends to "take the swipe at" some of the somebodies around town. As advertisements showcasing a barrage of mobile applications and websites promising "boy and girl browsing" explode on our television screens, the conventions of and behind "dating" - courtship, going out, relationship - change exponentially.

If you are in search of a more traditional match that takes in to account things like religion and other characteristics you can turn to your local religious temples or churches.

These otherwise traditional institutions are realizing that the new generation is not interested in traditional match making arrangements.

Years ago, it used to be difficult to find parties that catered specifically to the Indian population.

But now the options are endless, all you need to know is where and when to go.

Being a South Asian growing up in a different country, this is an equilibrium that everyone is always looking for.

Places like Katra, Kush, Horus, Karma, Le Souk, Sutra and many others go to great lengths to ensure that they provide the perfect balance of ethnic influences with just the write dose of westernization to cater to all people.

Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut and even Pennsylvania are all home to large Indian populations. A majority of this crowd consists of students or working professionals, and many do not have much time to go out looking for some casual flirting, friendship or even love.

But, most of the time, when it comes to partying, everyone travels in hordes to the Big Apple. The last time we checked they showed 32 pages of photo profile results when we filtered by ethnicity and zip code, looking for Indians in NYC. We live in the age of convenience, and with the fast paced New York lifestyle we yearn to have the most choices with the least amount of work.

With all the options in Manhattan, there are still places that are a bit more local to the other states who do not want to travel too far.

New Jersey is home to lounges such as Aladdin’s in Elizabeth, and Fire and Ice in Edison for even further convenience for the area locals.

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