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Young girls are initiated into prostitution by the Banchhara community in rural Madhya Pradesh, where male members of the community live off the earnings of their daughters and sisters.

’s The Rez, it will surprise viewers for two reasons: it’s about sexy and rich Aboriginal people, and it’s funny.

In the scene-specific DVD audio commentary for the film Emile Hirsch reveals that when shooting the scene where Elisha Cuthbert forces him to strip, director Luke Greenfield wanted him to shave his chesthair but Hirsch who was 17 at the time refused because, as he himself puts it, "did not wanna shave off my manhood".

See more » In the scene at the scholarship dinner when the camera is in a close up of Matthew and Danielle's microphone is visible in her hair, her hair is shown tied up to hold the microphone, but during the entire dinner her hair is down.

epa03470131 YEARENDER 2012 JUNE Indian sex workers from Banchhara community stand outside their house Dera, or house, on the Neemuch Mandsaur highway in rural Madhya Pradesh, India, .

The workers mainly negotiate with drivers, going off in trucks or staying with them iin their makeshifts houses.

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Dental dams can also act as a barrier against parasites during oral-anal sex.

While some critics tended to brush off Elisha Cuthbert's performance as just another skin-baring 'boy toy' variation, she actually conveys the vulnerability and pain of her character's past quite effectively, balancing it with sly humor and a LOT of 'sex appeal', done within the restraints of her "No Nudity" contract clause...

Sorry, guys, while you'll see a LOT of her skin, you AREN'T going to see Elisha 'bare all'...

This is because dental dams are usually larger than homemade dental dams, and you may accidentally poke a do-it-yourself dental dam with scissors when you are cutting it.

Some people also use Saran Wrap as makeshift dental dams.

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