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But against the bigger and rarer ones we are quite helpless.

While they would not always destroy Earth or even make it uninhabitable, they could wipe out humanity by causing enormous tsunamis, fires and other natural disasters.

But when it becomes stronger, it can also influence radio communication or cause power outages.

Even though this would not wipe out humanity instantly, it would represent an immense challenge.Solar activity can produce X-rays, high energy particles and Coronal Mass Ejections of plasma.'Where such activity is directed towards Earth there is the potential to cause wide-ranging impacts.'These include power loss, aviation disruption, communication loss, and disturbance to (or loss) of satellite systems.'For example, GPS systems could go down for up to three days at a time, leaving train networks and shipping badly affected.While mobile phones and landlines are expected to be unaffected, satellite communication and high frequency radio communication used by shipping and aircraft, could also go down for several days.Recent research has made us aware of the large host of space rocks in our solar system that could pose danger.Various techniques for deflecting a potentially hazardous asteroid could be tested on Arm to enable planetary defense capabilities.

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