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I can't access them because I don't have a Mate1subscription, but I'll be willing to bet the girls are asking about it, haha. I JUST finished using up my last batch of credits on Lavalife on a cute 19-year-old in my area.

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I got BLASTED with all sorts of AFC e-mails, and I studied the responses I was getting to ENSURE that I never wrote profiles and e-mails like those losers. But when I look at it from a dating man's perspective, it baffles me completely. That's all the more emphasis on making sure that you TOTALLY STAND OUT against the flood of AFCs that keep bombarding her with lame messages or coming on too strong and scaring her off.And the online girls in my area that meet these criteria aren't even THAT good-looking...So, overall, I'm totally congruent and fixed in my reality, but I'll get no contact or success, and the girls aren't even that hot.So here are my problems so far: I cruise Lava Life the most often because I do have a paid membership there, and am down to my last set of credits before giving up completely.Basically, I set up my profile to be selective, qualifying, a bit flirty, and generally very easy-going. I've basically neglected being active on these two websites, considering both parties need to pay for a subscription to contact each other.

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