Internet dating hazards

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I'm not trying to put you off of online dating in any way. I have never felt my safety threatened on or after a date and I feel very fortunate. I certainly sleep better (so does my mom), knowing I've taken steps to online date in a responsible way.1. Take a separate set of images, selfies, whatever and only use them in your online dating profiles. They could be posting false images and lying about what they look like.

I'm just offering up the online dating safety tips that I use to keep myself safe since I'm at a point in my life where I meet about a stranger a week. I'm not concerned with showing up for a date and meeting someone ugly. On first online dates, do not let him walk you home.

We think we're safer if someone knows that we're on our way to meet a stranger. That you're going somewhere (maybe you told her the name of the bar), to meet a guy (maybe you said his name was Brad), etc. This sounds scary as shit but you need to give the police something to start with should you actually go missing as a result of an online date. The main thing is to make sure there are other people around.

In fact at that point it would probably be weird not to. Tell A Friend Most online daters know to tell someone that they're going on an online date. If you're taking precautions, really take them, okay? Some people prefer to keep first meetings short, such as for drinks, I personally see nothing wrong with meeting for dinner if that's what you like to do.

I'm talking about being aware that when you online date, you give strangers access to you. You do need remind yourself that you know absolutely nothing about the people you're meeting.

It's like walking around Times Square wearing a sandwich sign with your life story on it. In fact there are very It is not my intention to scare the holy Jesus out of anyone here. It is my opinion that your online dating images should be used ONLY for online dating. I certainly hope they're not, but they could be lying about everything they say to you.

In fact, there have been a number of robberies and sexual assaults since the beginning of 2016 where the initial conversation started on an online dating site or app.

If you’re a millennial dating in 2017, chances are you or someone you know is on some kind of app.

And although dating online can sometimes feel like a “Groundhog Day” loop of bad match after bad match, diversifying your watering hole online — as in life — has the power to dramatically change...

(Sonaiya Kelley)But it is easy to let your guard down or find yourself in an unsafe situation — especially if Grey Goose swoops in.

That’s why it’s important to have a few common-sense strategies that keep you safe, according to law enforcement experts and others.

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