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(a boxing reference if it's not clear) If I am commenting on the way something looks that I don't expect to change because of some action that's in process, I would use "look" instead of "looking". Nevertheless, many people use the present continuous for emphasis.

However, the use of the presrnt simple is more common than the present continuous.

But, sometimes, some stative verbs like "look" can be used in the continuous form depending whether the situation or condition we mean is permanent or temporary.

You use the present simple for a permanent condition and the present continuous for a condition that's temporary or for a short period of time.

When a guy approaches a beautiful, he usually blows it by acting like a little boy who has just met his superhero.

The verb "look" in the sentences is a stative/linking verb used in the sense of the verb seem or appear.

According to grammar, we don't normally use stative verbs in the continuous form.

If you are asking about your appearance or the way you are doing something at the present time; at the time of speaking, you can use either, without any difference in meaning.

On the other hand, if you are asking about how you always or generally look, you should invariably use the former (the present simple).

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