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These applications do not come with the i Pad but are instead official applications from Apple sold within the App Store.On March 7, 2012, after the unveiling of the third generation i Pad, the firmware of the i Pad 2 was upgradable to i OS 5.1.The i Pad 2 was released internationally in 25 other countries on March 25, 2011.The countries included Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.Users have also reported numerous problems after receiving the update including the accessibility features and battery-related issues.Many users predicted that the i Pad 2 was going to be dropped from updating to i OS 8 along with the i Phone 4, the same process that happened with the i Phone 3GS and the i Pod Touch (fourth generation) and earlier models, considering that it has been supported for more than 3 years.Although it was praised for its hardware improvement, such as the new Apple A5 chip, the software restriction on the i Pad 2 and i OS in general drew criticism from various technology commentators.

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The i Pad 2 has been able to run six major versions of i OS, from 4 to 9, the first and only i OS device to be able to do so.

In late March 2011, the i Pad 2 was released alongside i OS 4.2.1, which primarily introduced Face Time, Personal Hotspots and Air Play support among other features.

The i Pad 2 is compatible with i OS 4.3, which introduced Airplay Mirroring and Home Sharing among other features.

The same goes with the i Pad (3rd generation) and i Pad Mini (1st generation), making i OS 9 the final version supported on the device.

Other features include front and rear cameras, a three-axis gyroscope, headset controls, proximity and ambient light sensors, microphone, magnetometer, accelerometer and a 9.7 inch multi-touch screen with a maximum resolution of 1024×768 hence resulting in 132 ppi.

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