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Mischa Barton was arguably the "it" girl of the mid-2000s after playing the troubled girl-next-door Marissa Cooper, but never saw the same success as she did after her early exit from the series.But what have other cast members like Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, and Ben Mc Kenzie been up to since Well it's been a while! Nonetheless, we think the Hollywood hotties are 100% slaying it right now and we wish them only the best.Related: Leighton Makes Her Red Carpet Return After Yearlong Hiatus Just look at the light in Leighton's eyes! The couple were dressed pretty conservatively, with the star in a simple sleeveless lace top and her husband in a crisp white dress shirt and gray blazer. Not only did this teen soap opera make every adolescent want to flee their homes and escape to the sandy dunes of Southern California, but it's cultural impact still lives on.

C.”, Dave Rygalski in “Gilmore Girls”, Ted in “The League” and Max in “Burning Love”. He made his debut in movies from “Never Land” where he played the role of Jack. He is also involved in the music and is a good drummer. He is also the author of the miniseries comic book “The Menace.” He started dating with Rachel Bilson in 2003. As he has already crossed the age of 36, many had believed that the cause of his not marrying is because of being a gay. So, anyone can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But this proves wrong after his marriage in early this year. After a year of training and auditioning, Brody landed the role of Barry Williams in the television film Growing Up Brady (2000).As he is the oldest son of Valerie who was a director as well, he had known about acting and this industry from his childhood. It has not been difficult to him to consider what to choose in the future to make his career.Because of this reason, he got dropped out from the college when he was 19 years of age.

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