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It takes a lot of money to be on this tour, and I didn’t have the funds to be on it with a full band. Andy: It’s as simple as this: Black Veil Brides is the band with the long hair and the body paint and the makeup. And then Black Veil Brides stops wearing the makeup, cuts the hair, and it’s “the guy sounds like the guy from Nickelback” now. We did pretty well, but this year is a whole different ball game. You mentioned that you guys aren’t exactly where the tour started out. Andy: It’s very different to be one of the headlining bands on the tour and to have that situation is very humbling.Okay, we come out and play new songs and they’re “oh, that’s different. ” So they go on stage and take a picture of our cabs and then say that they’re fake amplifiers.We all fall down sometimes and make mistakes and, sometimes, trying to rectify them seems almost impossible," Simms told ."This song is about how circumstances in your life can come crashing down and the pain can feel almost insurmountable.Somehow we’re still making music, but would you prefer if we turned these around? We’re Black Veil Brides; we make no bones, we’re not going out here to be the “artistic cred” band.

And I basically just went up to Kevin [Lyman] and was like… Bands have been doing fake cabs since The Who in the 70’s.The list of people who contributed to this wedding and made it happen is too long to list but needless to say this wouldn’t have happened without our dedicated and amazing friends.Yesterday evening we had a beautiful intimate ceremony with our friends and family and I married my best friend in the world. Thank you to everyone who came to support us, it was such a magical night filled with love and laughs.How could they possibly maintain any amount of electricity in that venue with 9 million cabs.KISS has had cabs that shoot video out of them for years! So what we did was turn them around, and asked the audience “look how boring this is! People online are saying this is a better way to do this, that we’re faking.

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