Is dating older men bad

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There was no way I could have guessed how much older he was. So I did, and I got a mysterious answer: “Guess.” I guessed.

Click through to learn the cold, hard truth about dating a much older man.

This can lead to a clash between the two partners hence leading to frustration and ignorance.

A younger woman of today’s generation may expect from his much older boyfriend to share all responsibilities of home and children but he may be having a mindset that taking care of home and children is only and only a woman’s job.

They may make statements like why and what is the reason behind dating an older man, you’re so young, why are you with a man older than you?

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Till the time you reach your 30’s age group he might be turning 55 or 60.

[ Read: Different Romantic Gestures from the Olden Days that Girls Miss ] It is a true fact that as a man grows older, he becomes less energetic, less strong as compared to a younger man.

Some women prefer physical appearance more than their inner strength. They may not like a man who gets tired easily or his body has become weak due to his older age.

But it will be difficult for them as well as for your older boyfriend to adjust with your friends who are young like you.

People may look at him as your father and you will have you facing the embarrassment and tell them that he is your boyfriend or husband.

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