Is ray j really dating danger

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Ray gave Princess Love -- who allegedly attacked Ray J in February in New Orleans -- a 2015 Mercedes S63 AMG for her birthday.

She needs a car, because after they broke up he ungifted her 2012 Bentley.

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But that's not what it is, and I have to take it for what it is. I expected this, but I'm sad now that I'm going through it.

But it just makes the times I see him even more special." Despite the grim success rate of reality-show relationships, Hernandez said she's absolutely in love with Ray, "head over heels," in fact. I know people are like, 'He's this big R&B artist, this big star,' but he's just like me and you. We're gonna make the best of this, and if it works out, it's better for me and him.

But he overcame his sweaty nervousness when meeting her family, and the two seemed to connect on their final solo date.

"I know I cried every three seconds on the show, but I care about him so much that he can say anything, the sweetest thing, the most horrible thing, and I burst into tears." Even though Ray's mom said she didn't think any of the finalists were right for her baby, Hernandez said she respected that comment and vowed to prove Mama Ray wrong. After months of lap dancing, double dealing and more dirty looks than Miss California would get at a GLAAD convention, Cocktail took home the ultimate prize on Monday night's finale, emerging victorious over a roster of would-be potential boos with nicknames like Danger, Feisty, Chardonnay, Lil' Hood, Stacks, Stilts and Atomic Bomb.The often weepy Cocktail — who gained a reputation among the ladies for ratting out other contestants' misdeeds and secrets — squared off in the final episode against Danger and Unique.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Ray J just dropped 5k for a car, on the woman who got arrested for beating him up.

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