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READ MORE: The Best And Worst Of The 2014 Venice Film Festival Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American distribution rights to Duccio Chiarini’s comedy, "Short Skin." The Italian film debuted at the Venice Film Festival last year, telling a coming-of-age story littered with uncomfortable sexual distinctions.The official synopsis reads: "Edoardo (newcomer Matteo Creatini) [is] a 17-year-old virgin.

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After serving his term, he is out for revenge on the gang members he considers were to blame for his arrest.

Still, I'd like to see more of these since this kind of sex comedy/bedroom farce actually aimed at adults (OK, very immature adults, but still) is a lost art in Italy and Europe today and never really existed in America at all.

An Italian actress who promised to perform a sex act on everyone who voted no in her country's referendum has completed the first date of her tour.

See full summary » Just out of prison, ex-con Ugo Piazza meets his former employer, a psychopathic gangster Rocco who enjoys sick violence and torture.

Both the gangsters and the police believe Ugo has hidden...

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