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The fact that it would be extremely hard to abide by both these statements suggests something about Tano's complex persona.Even without seeing his face as he makes these admissions, the film manages to suggest something about the duality of Rocco’s personality and his ambiguous feelings about his relationships, his own body and his inner demons.The shot is beautiful and not directly sexual, setting the right tone and suggesting the right mindset for what’s to come.The film follows Siffredi — actually called Rocco Tano; the surname was inspired by Roch Siffredi, Alain Delon’s character in — over the course of roughly the last year he would star in pornographic films.Ditto for all the biographical material about his complex relationship with his mother (who wanted him to become a priest but approved of his line of work) and the actor’s at times torturous-sounding rapport with his own penis and sex drive (which more often than not sounds like a sex addiction).“If I don’t suffer, I don’t feel alive,” he says at one point, while at another he remarks that "I've always tried not to disappoint a woman," which applies not only to the many women he's bedded but also ­— perhaps even especially — to his mother and his wife.What’s perhaps more surprising (and reassuring) is that the actor-director seems to constantly make sure that everyone who works with him is aware of the likes but especially the limits of his co-performers.

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Working in Rocco’s long shadow, Galetta sometimes seems frustrated and envious of his cousin’s success while at other times, he’s living vicariously through him.) the directors conducted with Siffredi that is almost exclusively heard in voice-over.While this avoids turning the documentary into yet another talking head-heavy feature, there are certain moments of honesty — including the early admission that, for the first time in 30 years, he’s finally free from the influence of the “devil between his legs”— that would’ve benefited from seeing Siffredi’s facial expressions instead of illustrative material of him at work, at home or behind the scenes.Finally, is more interested in suggesting something about its subject’s psychology and the industry that made him famous than in the numerous elements of his non-porn career.There is no mention of his recent appearance on an Italian reality show (that already started to show a side of him not seen before) or his work as an actor in non-pornographic films.

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