Iwab0383e error validating parameters

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So a report starting state would be just two dates to pick: Very simple!

To cover the range rule I decided to implement it so it would present a user with a red label that tells one about this mishap.

I am new to SSRS and looking for a way to take any date format input, from a parameter, (DDMMYYYY, DDMMYY, YYYYDDMM), any format, and convert it to the value my query can use, YYYY-MM-DD.Hi, I have a scenario that wants to validate the input parameter value with existing members. If I enter D as input parameter that gives an error. How can i implement the parameter validation with the using of stored proc.? How can i implement the parameter validation with the using of stored proc.? Hello Daniel, Please correct me if I misunderstood you: The data source is irrelevant. Week-starting-date and week-ending-date)User selects Week-starting-date ending date will automatically populate after 3 months. When user selects end date below 3 Months,i need to display message to the User. Please Help Me Konda Do you know of a way to use this logic for multi-valued parameters?In your case a stored proc I imagine expects input parameters that result in the prompts you see for the parameters in turn in the SSRS report designer that you must validate, so in short, you are expected to do nothing, getting data off a stored proc is a common case. My report uses several parameters and I want to add some logic to edit the parameters to avoid unnecessary database searches. I'm trying to find a way to edit multi-valued parameters.The business rule imposed was that the start date - end date range should not exceed 31 days between, and the other I figured begged to be implemented is to prevent an end user (a human!) entering a start date greater than the report’s end date.

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