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In 1988, GN'R released the EP 'Guns N Roses-Porky Pies'. 1991 saw the release of the double album 'Use your contraceptives or YOU WILL BURN IN HELL! These were Izzy's last albums with GNR, before being told to 'Stick your kazoo up your arse and smoke it'. They released their debut album, Now Thats What I Call Music 30 in late 2009, which was a complete and utter failure, selling 3 copies, but due to the recession, it went to Number 1 across the world. The band toured in '93, playing loads of different countries. Jimmy retorted (speaking of his gay dad) 'My dad will shag your dad, and you dad's gonna enjoy it! After this incident, Arnold changed his name to Arnold Schwarze Nigger and became an African American. However, he found that killing hillbillies was as stupid as listening to Axl and Slash "negotiate" in the bedroom, so he moved on to killing Jedi and Medji soldiers, because nobody cares about them anymore. Rolling Stone magazine rated his most recent effort 'Concrete' 1 star out of 5, going on to say 'He's at least better than Vanilla Ice'. Izzy gained a strong fanbase over this period, some dating back to his GNR days. He killed him in his home in Oklahoma, and continues to kill unsuspecting hillbillies today, as a cure for his boredom of having no life.Mick couldn't make it, but sent Ronnie a telegram that read: "Break a leg, Leonardo!" Keith and Ronnie's farewell letters, which appeared in the final issue of Beggars Banquet, 1996.

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Duff forces Axl to join a dating site to help him get over his recent breakup.Let’s face it, Izzy Stradlin doesn’t get enough credit for his work in Guns N’ Roses.Much of the creative recognition for the band’s output usually centers on Axl Rose and Slash.Comedian Richard Lewis was there, playing air guitar in the corner, and so was Phil Spector, who got upset when some photographers took his picture."If you don't gimme that film," he said, "I'll have you killed.

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