James mcavoys character in the bbc updating of macbeth

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In the mean time he has been taking a while to shake off the halo of urgent youth.

“I am not somebody who looks spectacu- lar easily,” he insists. It’s the only time I’ve ever done that in my whole career.” His career ought to give him cause to punch the air on a regular basis.When you meet Macbeth he’s been away from home for quite a while and I don’t think he’s had access to a shaving kit. And that’s something that is just interesting to play younger. " It’s a couple who are still going through the grief of it.It’s not a couple looking back and saying, “Right, we weren’t able to do that, what do we get? And I think they feel like the world owes them something. I think this keyed into why I became an actor really. Our very lovely teacher lived next door to an actor, director and philanthropist called David Hayman, and he had famously played Lady Macbeth during the glory days of the Citizens Theatre during the Seventies (pictured above, Hayman as Lady Macbeth with Gerard Murphy).The first time and use the entire square and have the witches upon in the roofs of the building and just being a 20-year-old drama student letting my mind go mental. as in life where you go, “I want more, I want more, I want more, I want more, because then I’ll be happy,” when of course you just keep wanting more.But the first time I thought about playing Macbeth was when I was about 24, 25 doing that telly one. But from the age of 25 I’ve known I’ve wanted to do it so I’ve kind of stopped watching other people do it because I don’t want to be bound into not doing something because I’m worried that somebody else made a similar choice. If you’re getting the opportunity to do films and if you’re going to pay your mortgage and you want to be able to send your kids to school or uni or whatever, you’d be daft not to take advantage of it. And for an actor there is a part of you that goes, “I wish I was doing that and I wish I was doing that and I wish I was doing that." So when is enough?

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