Jang geun suk and park shin hye dating 2016 Aussie horny girls phone numbers

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coz as they say, they're really close together so they dont want to break it..

and also JGS's mom likes her a lot because they fit together..

If we dated, I’d feel like she might get dirtier.” Hong-ki: “I’d feel too sorry to her to date. They’d die before admitting it though.” Shin-hye: “I never said I’d die before admitting it.” [Using Go Mi-nam’s speech pattern] “Yes, that is true.

She’s so kind that even if I did something wrong, she’d keep forgiving me. Someone where we build up a lot of memories and affection by going through a lot of problems and incidents together.” Geun-seok (in rapid interview mode): “Hong-ki, do you have an ideal woman among celebrities? You are attractive.” Shin-hye: “There are nicknames we have for each other on set.

” Seriously, it seems like they’re always flirting, and it’s too cute.) In the clip, Park Shin-hye starts by explaining the cast’s nicknames for each other (which are explained in more detail below), and then starts reciting one of her lines when Lee Hong-ki appears. The reason the interview went longer than asked is because of those unstoppable “pretty boys.” At times serious, at times playful, their moonlit chatter doesn’t stop. Because I’m Shin-woo.” HIGH CUT:: “Shin-hye sshi, between the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung, gentle Kang Shin-woo, and quirky Jeremy, who is closest to your ideal man?

Renai-Jang, Bolmae-Jung, Hong-Star, Avant-Hye…” Geun-seok: “Shin-hye came up with Renai-jang, and I came up with Avant-Hye.

Renai-jang comes from Renaissance Jang, because my ideal woman is a Renaissance type woman.” HIGH CUT:: “Renaissance style?

And its in the genes.people tend to change in their earlier years some later in life.. Well I'm a surgeon and I don't think he had any alterations unless we're in 2040 or so..

He looks paler nowadays and its in the make up and hairstyle.. that proves he didn't had any facial niptucks.wrinkle lines follow with his smile and you can't push you nose way back or make piggy noses once you've gone under the knife especially with what they say about him adding some nose bridge...

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