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Basically, you immerse yourself in the language by creating a database of real Japanese sentences and review them every day.The software you use will keep track of your progress and automatically feed you the words and sentences you get wrong most often, thereby reinforcing your knowledge of them.So here’s Gakuranman’s top 5 picks for the best online dictionaries for Japanese-English translation!We’ll be working top to bottom, best to merely ‘good’ (because there are no bad dictionaries in this list, in my opinion!

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Stick any word (or occasionally compound kanji words) into the field and watch a plethora of useful example sentences pour out below, all taken from real life sources such as newspaper articles.Also, if you click on the 機能 (functions) button near the top of the page, you can turn on the furigana option (it’s the first option) so that the words you search for in English have the reading written next to them!Recommended for: Advanced learners of Japanese / Translators The perennial online dictionary for Japanese-English translation.If you’ve ever pulled your hair out copying and pasting single words into online translators before, this is this tool for you!Recommended for: People who want to translate long passages of Japanese text quickly.

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