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We had met, actually, when I was 18 and I thought he was cute, but we didn't see each other again until the show.'The idea of two actors in a relationship can be explosive and scary, but the good thing is that he is also a writer, a comedian and an entrepreneur.'One of the great things about working together is that in the evening we don't have to have an hour-long conversation about how our day went; we know,' she says, unconsciously fiddling with the Cartier love bracelet on her wrist (another present from Jamie).It's difficult to work out the exact chronology of their relationship because until January 2009 the actress was engaged to Scots actor Ross Mc Call.He is the great-grandson of electrical engineer Frank Conrad.He is a native of Swissvale, Pennsylvania, and grew up on the border of Edgewood, both suburbs of Pittsburgh.

Three months after that, when Jennifer was asked about rumours of an engagement, she seemed to be issuing an ultimatum when she said, 'If by this time next year we're not planning something, then there's a situation.' Then in July, during one of his live comedy performances, Jamie spontaneously proposed, and she accepted - although their publicists deny a formal engagement. 'The engagement thing was blown out of all proportion.

One of the advantages is that it gives me the chance to be a sort of angel over my character's integrity.

'It's a gift to be able to have control over what your character does and doesn't do,' she says.

Four years ago unflattering pictures taken on a beach propelled her into the celebrity size debate. Not, she insists, because of any worries she has about her weight but because of the effect such stories have on the young girls who read the celebrity magazines that labelled her 'fat' (she has never been more than an American size two, UK size six).

'One of the magazines admitted that it had added extra weight to the pictures, and it concerns me that young girls reading those stories don't know that.

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