John deere dealer consolidating

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Jim says with the consolidation, there is less brand loyalty than there used to be."Most of our customers do have some mix," Jim says. "It used to be if you had a four-row piece of equipment, that's pretty good.Currently, Titan owns and operates 120 total equipment locations, 78 of which focus on farm machinery, in 11 states and Europe.Overall, an examination of the biggest of the big shows their number of store locations are indeed growing, though the average number of stores owned by each of the big dealers hasn’t varied significantly from one year ago.That means that, with all the mergers, he handles the Case IH – for International Harvester – as well as New Holland equipment.All of those venerable brands have merged into one, multinational corporation.The most recognizable and aggressive example of this is Titan Machinery.A year ago, Case IH’s largest dealer group reported 96 total locations that included 62 ag equipment and 34 construction equipment stores.

Dairy producers have sensors in their milking facilities that track an individual cow's milk output each morning and evening.

Farmers are utilizing advisors or computerized modeling programs to make decisions on everything from interest rates and borrowing strategies to chemical and irrigation management to the timing of when to sell their crops and where.

Jim Ermer (left) is a CNH dealer in York, Nebraska.

He said, 'You know, I've noticed it's a little harder to turn, but,' he said, 'I get done a lot faster.'"Mark Kaliff (left) says his family is looking into even bigger equipment with more advanced GPS systems to control it.

"So it can have within an inch of accuracy, where that tractor is positioned in the field," Mark says with amazement.

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