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They claim that after he graduated from college, he discussed moving to Atlanta, the job search, and going to Hawaii with his dad.There are conflicting stories regarding Burke Ramsey's Facebook account.

Husted also appears Tuesdays and Fridays on “Good Day Colorado” on Fox 31. Take a peek at Husted’s next column at is also unclear if Burke Ramsey has kids, although it seems extremely unlikely at this point. According to sources, Burke Ramsey has in fact had a steady job in the computer industry.At 29, Burke Ramsey appears to be looking for money, as ABC News reported that he was paid for his interview with Dr. He graduated from Purdue University, which he started attending in 2005, and now appears to be a computer programmer. Phil, he does not work at the office - he worked remotely.Ajax Tavern in Aspen opening again for lunch only starting Friday …Next summer get ready for The God Rally, heralded as the nation’s largest three-day free outdoor music festival. Saturday at Pathways Church, 16th Avenue and Pearl Street, with Avon-based Christian band the Ride …

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