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Second priority - Part-time municipal, UMASS and MEP officers Third priority - Full-time officers other than municipal, UMASS, and MEPFourth priority - Part-time officers other than municipal, UMASS, and MEPFifth priority - Sponsored candidates.

Only after all employed officers on the waiting list are admitted can we secure seats for sponsored candidates.

Upon graduation from the academy, new Troopers are required to work under the supervision of a senior officer for a duration of twelve (12) weeks.

Despite the settings, if you are using a screen reader you may find it will not read some documents in format.

There is a ranking policy for acceptance in an MPTC operated academy.

Seats are filled in the following order: First priority - Full-time municipal, University of Massachusetts (UMASS), and Environmental Police (MEP) officers; Medical Deferments, and part-time police officers hired by municipal police departments that do NOT employ any full-time police officers.

Find can be activated selecting Edit - Find on the main toolbar, or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl F.

The mission of the Recruitment Program is to implement effective outreach and recruitment initiatives in order to secure a highly qualified workforce that is representative of the population of Massachusetts.

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