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Wilma Jensen, pictured, lost over 0,000 following a fake online relationship. A fast-growing breed of global internet crime is revealing a troubling trend: Some fraudsters are easily infiltrating popular dating sites to fleece people out of their savings, law-enforcement officials say. Journal content dating from 2005 is available on the Lexis-Nexis database. Content dating from 2006 is available on the Hein Online database. He was recruited from a local cafe and thought, ‘Yeah sure, why not? Needless to say, it just snowballed from there #doyouwannabuildasnowman Sure, the guy had a great rig, but unlike the casting crew, does not mean he cuts the mustard in the ‘husband material’ department. I was over the forced conversations that ended abruptly when the cameras switched off. I may have been single AF but at least I was genuinely happy. I handed five weeks of rollercoaster emotions on a silver platter to the untrusting reality TV gods and now, it was only a matter of time before Australia would have free reign to judge my ability to hold down a relationship #projectilevomit I stepped out of the taxi, gladly carrying my own bags up three flights of stairs before arriving at the front door of my apartment. ’ It became clear as day when my TV husband took great pleasure in asking the sound crew, camera crew, producers and what-have-you about potential front-of-house sports presenting gigs. I was over the staged dinners, literally, set-up by producers only to have to pretend my TV husband had done them himself #ohyoushouldnthave I was over overhearing his one-on-one interviews in the next room where he expressed his ‘growing’ feelings for me #vomit I was over being asked if I was in love yet. But more than anything, I was over feeling like I wasn’t good enough. I wanted nothing more than to go back to my ‘old’ life. I left my bags in the hallway and immediately entered my bedroom, collapsing face down on my soft, clean, white pillows of my bed.

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