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This is supposedly the burial place of my ancestor John Swallow, b. I am looking for any leads no matter how small and all will be appreciated!!! Jacob (War of 1812)2 Swallows (Andrew1) was born February 11, 1786 in Wythe Co. Stephen Copeland's Reg't Tennesse Militia from Jan. Williams, and later at Fayetteville, Tennessee, where the West Tennessee troops had rendezvoused the previous fall and were now honorably discharged by the general who led them to victory. What you have accomplished, he told his soldiers, "will long be cherished in the memory of your General, and will not be forgotten by the country which you have so materially benefited." (From the book: 'Jackson's Way: Andrew Jackson and the People of the Western Waters' by John Buchannan, 2001). Children of Jacob Swallows and Sarah Copeland are: 9 i. Thankfully, they changed their ways long before my time.... - One of the documents found dated 1857 show Rachel Swallows had taken a JESSE HARRIS to court for support of an illegitimate child (that would have been her last daughter, Ardelia).- From: Paula in Overton Co, TN 13.

Kathleen Baxter [email protected]: Listed as a petitioner and one who attended a muster. Prior to this tour of service, Jacob was an Officer (an Ensign)in the Tennessee Militia from 1807-1811. Jacob Swallows is listed as a contributor to the 1816-17 State Penitentiary Fund. Isaac3 Swallows, born 1808 in Overton Co., TN; died 1894.

More About Catherine Kinder: CATHERINE KINDER was born May 10, 1755 in Camden, Sussex Co., Delaware, and died March 16, 1847 in Roaring River Cemetery, Overton Co., TN. From: Paula Swallows Stover Subject: SWALLOW/SWALLOWS Date: Mon, -0600 My ancestor is ANDREW SWALLOWS born 1760 in PA and fought in the Revolutionary War.

She did not marry (1) THOMAS FINLEY but she did have a child out of wedlock by him. She married (2) ANDREW SWALLOWS 1785 in Wythe Co., VA. Following the war, he married CATHERINE KINDER in Wythe Co, Va and they moved to Tennessee. Does anyone out there connect with him or know who his parents were? Mary Magdelina2 Swallows (Andrew1) was born January 19, 1788 in Virginia, and died December 08, 1863 in Roaring River Cemetery, Overton Co., TN.

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Burial: Roaring River Cemetery, Overton Co., TN Notes for Andrew Swallows: Burial: Roaring River Cemetery, Overton Co., TN near Swallow homeplace Andrew Swallows is listed as a contributor to the 1816-17 State Penitentiary Fund. My grandfather said his family originally came from Scotland. Thanks, Paula [email protected]: Kathleen Baxter Subject: Willowdale Cemetary - Swallow/Schwallow Date: Sun, -0600 Hello everyone! Now Ilearned of it from an 80 yr old cousin I just met tonight! Note: Each noncommissioned officer and private travelled 330 miles marching to Camp Johnson, where mustered in, and from Fayetteville, where discharged to residence in Monroe, Overton Co., Tennessee, name appeared: Jacob Swallow. She married Isaac West November 17, 1808, son of Stephen West and Mary Belk. Notes for Mary Magdelina Swallows: Nick name 'Polly' Source: CENSUS: 1850 Census Overton County, Tennessee Children of Mary Swallows and Isaac West are: 18 i.

I have just received news of a cemetary - Willowdale - in Montgomery Co., Ohio. She can remember visiting it before the war and it had the name SCHWALLOW/SWALLOW in iron in an arc above the gate and had an iron fence. Jacob was in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend (with Andrew Jackson,commanding) during this term of service. May have been a prostitute Notes for Adeline Polina Swallows: Divored LDS-name ROLINA "PAULINA" SWALLOWS Birth: Place: OVERTON CO, TENN Death: Place: OVERTON CO, TENN Burial: Place: FALLING SPRINGS, CEM Jemima Swallows had several illegitimate children but it was 2 of her nieces, Rachel and Polina (daughters of Jacob) who were prostitutes. Amanda Swallows, born 1831; died 1877 in buried Roaring River Cem., Overton Co, TN.

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