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My take: Elizabeth Reaser is supposed to be quirky and charming as Bella Bloom, a florist who freaks when a psychic says she has 12 months to find her perfect mate from a list of old boyfriends, or be alone forever.

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Scrubs Smallville The Office The Price is Right The Simpsons The View Two and a Half Men Ugly Betty Aliens in America Ally Mc Beal Angel Back to You Beverly Hills 90210 Big Shots Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cane Dallas Dawson's Creek Ed Felicity Frasier Freaks and Geeks Friends Happy Days Invasion Jack and Bobby Jericho Journeyman K-Ville Las Vegas Life is Wild Magnum P. Moonlight NYPD Blue October Road Seinfeld Six Degrees Smith Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip The Andy Griffith Show The Dukes of Hazzard The Nine The O. In short: Interview with the Vampire on the Louisiana bayou. He can't get work, manager/pal Eric feels responsible, and Jeremy Piven's deliciously profane agent Ari Gold just spews curse words while he waits for it all to blow over. Because it so expertly satirizes Hollywood and young male culture, a sizzling Ti Vo. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 8 p.m., Fox. In short: Like a Terminator movie where women kick the most behind. In short: A living comic book for viewers who think they're too cool for comic books. My take: Developed by Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball, this series shows vampires coming out of hiding, after the invention of synthetic blood allows them to avoid feeding on humans. My take: The second season kicks off with protective, good-girl terminator Cameron Phillips (Serenity's Summer Glau) hunting hero-to-be John Connor after debris from a bomb blast scrambles her programming. My take: Well aware of how upset fanboys (and girls) were over last year's shortened, lame-o season — thank you writers strike! version has a pretty, blond FBI agent who serves as star Rufus Sewell's bodyguard. Smells like another CSI-slick, Jerry Bruckheimer-created cover for predictable cops and robbers stories. Unfortunately, she mostly comes off as self-involved, superficial and ungrateful. Would you want to spend an hour a week with somebody who is self-involved, superficial and ungrateful?

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