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Let’s get into the very first line of defense against privacy-crushing corporations and the government that feeds upon your intimate conversations online.

As of right now, the leaked documents detail how the NSA is targeting the ‘big guys’.

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For your computer: A free chat client like Cryptocat is light years beyond what you’re experiencing with Google and Facebook.

Cryptocat is free, very simple, and uses your browser to chat with others. For your phone: Get something like Seecrypt for your phone.

You can use a client like Pidgin to connect to the Zimbra server.” At the end of the day, these steps are effective but only a precursor to privacy activism.

One that isn’t large enough for the NSA to bother with protects your chats without use of major servers: Off the Grid: Abandon Skype, Google Chat, Facebook chat, and all of the top clients like AIM.

A VPN is ideal to use with something like Crypto.cat, protecting your IP as well as your chats.

Protect your search: Check out an engine like Startpage, which encrypts all of your searches and apparently does not record your IP address.

Vine, for example, is large enough that it is certainly on the NSA’s list of domination.

That, and we’re talking about an app that doesn’t go the extra mile to encrypt your communications.

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