Kate gosselin new dating show

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But apparently, Jon Gosselin has had a change of heart over the last five years.

Jon told Life & Style, “I would consider appearing on Couples Therapy with Kate. I was thinking Kate and I could do a televised sit-down with a doctor and work out our differences, because our kids are suffering.” Please, forget Couple’s Therapy.

And we might have believed him, if not for the fact that he spent all his money flying around Europe and attending D-list parties.

We’re working on a business deal, and he’s a great guy, a nice guy, but they always make up all these stories… Everybody wants to me to be dating somebody by now. This is the like first time I left my house in a long time, unless you count Target and the grocery store.” Kate said her priority is her family.

I get the hint.” Gosselin made her debut on Season 7 of “The Celebrity Apprentice” last week, and this week a series of new “Kate Plus 8” specials, featuring her and her eight kids, are set to start airing on TLC.

Kate Gosselin would never settle for Couple’s Therapy after after that happened between them, and she would much rather have a brand new couple’s show similar to Jon & Kate Plus 8 – would dating Jon be on the table if she could get a new reality TV show?

Of course, Jon Gosselin’s motives in this couldn’t be more transparent. Of course he’s speaking out now, pretending as though he and Kate can actually put years of snark, lawsuits, put-downs, and downright hatred behind them.

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