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Plus trivialement, les oeufs sont contenus dans une poche pesant jusqu’à 15% du poids du poisson, qu’il faut vider, tamiser, laver à grande eau, macérer, égoutter, saler, jusqu’à la mise en boîte.À l’heure de la dégustation, le caviar, qui est intensément nourrissant, exige quelques règles d’or.The portraits of Madame de Pompadour and Madame du Barry, the two last official mistresses of Louis XV."Madame de Pompadour was a mistress, then friend and finally political adviser to the king," Mr Vaughan said."She was a style setter and a great patron of the arts, getting the best painters, the best architects, the best designers, she established the important Hermitage garden."Madame du Barry wasn't as well remembered.A devastatingly pretty young woman who was mistress to a dying king, once Louis died in 1774 she was was packed off to a convent and eventually executed during the French Revolution.

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Muse bookshop, EAST Hotel, Cnr Canberra Ave and Giles St, Kingston.Avidement parlant, la petite boite de 50 grammes est parfaite pour un tête-à-tête, une boite de 125 grammes pour une dégustation à six, et mieux, une entrée pour quatre.Pour servir, pas d’argenterie – les deux ne font pas bon ménage, question de chimie.Borrowing from the emblematic American TV series from the 1990s, the artist swaps the four single women from New York for more illustrious icons. But here they are clearly identified, already mythologised, literally postered on the walls of the exhibition.In his series Plakat (poster in German) one finds three Jodie Fosters, at different stages of her early days in cinema.

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