Kenyans dirty what s up groups

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Apart from grabbed land being confiscated if Raila takes over, the Mafia fears prosecution especially in cases where land grabbing can be proven.

For this reason, the Mafia is reported to have taken an oath in Gatundu to the effect that Raila will never become President of Kenya. The National Security Intelligence Services (NSIS) is an institution which has been above the law since it was set up to replace the defunct Special Branch which was set up by Moi to terrorise Kenyans.

The Fear is that once Raila takes power, the NSIS will be brought to account with its top bosses (past and present) being brought to face justice.

Within the NSIS, the fear of Raila is reported to be so huge that the Mafia cartel currently in charge of the State machine, has vowed not to hand over power to Agwambo.

This strategy failed, forcing the riggers to turn to the manual system.

Apart from their loss of jobs, the consequences of their past actions scare them to death because every time the possibility of Raila coming to power is mentioned, these thieves and murderers see themselves in prison, probably for life in case they escape the death penalty for killing innocent civilians. Just like any Kenyan fool will tell you, members of the Kikuyu Mafia cartel have taken over every key State institution which matters in the wielding of power.

Name it – the Chief of Intelligence (NSIS), the Chief of the Army, Chief of Police (Police Commissioner), Chief of the terror gang known as General Service Unit (GSU), the Attorney General, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance etc are all occupied by Kikuyus.

This is why Uhuru has been able to buy anybody who can help further the Kikuyu mafia agenda. The Kikuyu mafia knows that if they lose power this time around, it might take decades before power comes back on the hands of the Kikuyu ruling class.

If Raila takes over, the fear is that all the looting and storage of the loot in go-downs will come out in the open. The reason is that the Kikuyu and their Kalenjin collaborators combined have no numbers to win an election against the 40 ethnic groups in Kenya.

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