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The police have restricted entry to the lane, after Jisha’s gruesome murder became more than just another statistic in Kerala, now debating larger questions over women’s safety and gender equality.Twenty-eight-year-old Jisha, a Dalit law student at the Government Law College, Ernakulam, was found murdered on 28 April at her home, where she lived with her mother.Towards the right was a picture of Jisha’s estranged elder sister Deepa, smiling along with the husband she eloped with several years ago. On the far right corner were images of every conceivable divinity— from Ganapathi to Jesus Christ —the posters encircled with cheap plastic garlands of small red and white flowers.Next to that was a big poster showing a basket full of fruits and vegetables.

There was no indication of what the house’s inmates did when nature called.

The murder victim, however, lived on a little strip, less than 100 sq.

ft, of what is called purampokku land (the land which was in excess when the government decided to build a canal).

“I was preparing to go to bed after the 8.30pm television serial when my grandson told me there’s some noise in the house next to Mariyamma Chettathi (the grandson did not know Jisha or her mother’s name).

My husband went up to see what happened but immediately returned seeing police vehicles.

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