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Six people have been arrested in Kerala, India, after seven children were lured away from an orphanage and sexually assaulted.Initial reports suggest the girls, aged between 12 and 16, were abudcted by a gang on their way to Kerala adult mobile chat, mobile sex chat talking in support all major mobile devices etc:- android phones,to android tablets,iphone,ipod and much more with mobile chatting rooms & sites no registration needed, youcan now start conversions in your own language or your city wide with your android mobile mobile phones in all the supported rooms is Kerala,tamil,hindi,malayalam,marati,gujarati,punjabi,kannada, kerala,chennai,mumbai,delhi,hyderabad,kolkata,bengaluru,malaysian tamil chat also this is worlds most popular alternative mobilechat platform for yahoo,facebook, googleplus chatters.Sathasivam added that the increasing impunity of sexual offences due to lack of social deterrence is a growing concern all over the country.

They protested when the Governor said all necessary measures would be taken for the safety of women.

"When we complain, she would say that the SC/ST students won't need to face any consequence even if they protest, but students from general category would.

She used to dissuade us from protesting."#FYI:'Kerala priest raped because of temptations,' church-backed magazine resorts to victim blaming INTERNET ACCESS BANNED Access to internet in the college library has been reportedly blocked because the principal fears the student are using it to "only watch porn". They added that Jessykutty has a habit of taking students' personal diaries and reading out portions from it "loudly before the entire class".

Despite several attempts, the college has refused to speak to the media regarding this issue.

Thiruvananthapuram: The Crime Branch busted a high-profile sex racket and arrested 13 racketeers, including serial production controllers, and rescued seven girls, including models and cine actresses here on Wednesday night.

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