Kimberly locke still dating harvey walden

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Speaking of Martha, she and I will be doing the White Party together...yipppeeeeee....we'll do our show and we'll do the song "It's Raining Men" together.It's sooooo wonderful to be with my good friend whenever we're together.August 4, 2012 March 13, 2010 february 14, 2010 december 9, 2009 SAVE THE DATE!- SATURDAY DECEMBER 19, 2009 The Narada Michael Walden Foundation Annual Holiday Jam Dance Party benefiting the Narada Michael Walden Foundation & the Children of Performing Stars of Marin Producer and Musical Director Narada Michael Walden Featuring Jeanie Tracy, Dale "Satchmo" Powers, Tevin Campbell, The Narada Michael Walden Band, Tony Lindsay from The Santana Band, Lydia Pense from Cold Blood, The Santa Babies and more!All the performers were wonderful.indeed was a magical night. We had a fabulous time together in the studio, dancing around to the music inserting bits and pieces and eating at great restaurants in Chicago. I think this is going to be a wonderful year for us. Angela was there and spoke and it was so heartwarming to hear her speak because the stroke that she suffered has left her limited in speech and movement. Altar has tried constantly to get me there with them and finally with the help of George Dellinger it happened. Walden, I love you...deserve the honors that was bestowed on you at the Grammy foundation honors dinner, along with Sammy Hagar and the wonderful Linda perry. I enjoyed our few hours together at sound check, you are a righteous down to earth girl and crazyee too. Randy Jackson (American idol) Boy ya shoulda been there, but I know you're busy w/the Idol show. Vicki Randal (Tonight Show) Girl it was so great to hear you sing and remember back when we were Narada's first back-up singers. The first single is going to be Oooh La La La (Make your Move). I adore them and we have lots of plans for shows and the whole bit.

You have been faithful and that's why I work so hard to bring you the music. Recently I did the Lead for the Red Cross theme with Oakland Interfaith Choir and San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom on the voice over. Hola My People, Just wanna send a shout out to Mobil, Alabama... To jerry and the Gang, Thank you for a wonderful time and for the great food. I would love to thank all of my friends and Fans for making PARTY PEOPLE # Number One on the Bill Board Chart.It is because of your hearts openness, willingness, soulfulness, and hard work that God has blessed all of us. He had fabulous dancers surround me and make me look fabulous. The EVERYBODY UP PARTY in Hallandale Florida (July 3rd) is going to hire Kevin to do their staging also. Pepper Ma Shay and I are doing the video for the song GOD TRYING TO TELL YOU Sister Shakti and backing vocals by Pepper and I.(We were a 300 person cast, the biggest event I have ever put on in my, you rattled your jewelry). Just joined Narada's Band Temple of Soul and we just did our first photo session last week at his studio. Now let's Busy talking about the Mighty Weekend Party at Orlando Disney..let's. I was on a plane with Chaka Kahn and her whole band... I've been trying to catch up with all of you and let you know what's going on. I came out with four boys with glow chains around their necks on all fours on the floor...... As well as BSE SHOW in New Orleans for Decadence Weekend. Production by Bobdproductions and Sweet Feet Music. April 23, 2008 HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARADA ..SEXY THANG!!!Jeanie Tracy, our Queen of the Bay Area with “Didn't it Rain”, brought all the emotions to the fore. And to all involved, we shot for the moon, got the moon and then some! There is at least a gazzilion people in the! JUNE 12, 2008 Well kids it's been a minute since I've talked to you but here goes... Pepper Mashay and I just finished the video for "God's Trying to Tell You Something" with Sister Shakti. Well you know the party was off the stupid chain - need I shout it out... Johnny has been a long time friend of over fifteen years. I was seated right behind her and we chatted; remembering when we worked together twenty years ago on the Sylvester Tribute at the CATCH ONE Club in Los Angeles. I'm doing a session today with my friend Narada Michael Walden on his TEMPLE OF SOUL BAND CD. Most recently we spent the morning together for his birthday breakfast with my good friend Larry Batiste, his Mom (Miss Peg) and three close friends of his. Get ready P-House in Orlando...we'll see you in a few weeks........ I will be in brazil (RIO) next month with my ALTAR boys next month. Well I woke up this morning to a call from my good friend and Brother Larry Batiste of La sugar bear Entertainment and MD for the Grammies...was taking Narada out for a Birthday breakfast this morn and wanted me to come..course I said YES!!!!We want to inspire all music on the earth and the children who love the music. Aloha & Love to you, Brother Narada march 30, 2009 november 24 , 2008 November 22, 2008 October 22, 2008 August 19, 2008 Hi everyone! Chuck Robinson and Kirk Lee make sure that we're taken care of. It is mostly comprised of people that have worked with him over the years. This week I will be doing a duet with Narada called SEXY off the chain...a kind of Tribal R & B song. Get ready for the Sistah Shakti, Pepper Mache and my song GOD'S TRYIN TO TELL YOU SOMETHING. We did the video recently and was soo much fun and the photo session was great. I've been a busy lady these past few weeks and grateful to God for all of it. I want to thank all of my fans for hanging in there with me. Thanks to Parliament-house, Darcel you're a doll baby for always spending time with me. Big Ups to all of you 20,500 people that plugged in on You Tube to watch our "Everybody Up" video. It's been so long that even he nor I can remember exactly how long. I'm stoked because he has asked me to do a duet with him on the cd called "Sexy Summer" and I'm a member of the band and will be touring with the band when I'm available. It was in San Raphael California at his favorite place... I gave him and orange and yellow fur hat that is so funkyyyyyy... Well it ended up with three of Naradas close friends and his Mom , Ms Peg, myself and Larry.

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