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But, through telephone calls, Western Union money transfers, and other gifts you bombard your bride and future in-laws and convince them you are "a damned rich man" in America, the land flowing with milk and honey.

You want the women back home to look up to you as "Big Oga" moving up on the economic ladder because it makes you appear to be more than you really are, at least, in the initial stages.

They have pride, they have class, they are unafraid to speak up whenever the occasion arises, and they are very educated. Provosts, and Department Chairs on many American and Canadian colleges and universities.

Nigerian men have distinguished themselves in academia, they are well travelled , they are contributing members of communities as successful teachers, physicians, business owners, realtors, engineers and lawyers in the U S and many land. In fact, one US college once had a Nigerian college president American women who date our Nigerian men find them to be socially adaptable, generous and full of life.

Mistake Three: YOU DID NOT CAST DOWN YOUR BUCKET WHERE YOU WEREMeanwhile, you have been wining, dining, and romancing American women who are well-educated, well-read, well-mannered, and reliable until the marriage bug hit you.

You decide to go home to marry Isuochi girl your family recommends.

Nigerian men are well liked in foreign lands because they are thought to be the cream of the African crop.

Nigerian men are egalitarian, open, unrestricted, and uncensored.

Thanks to all Nigerian men and women who offered useful suggestions and who shared some of their marital issues during many confidential divorce-prevention sessions we have had at my home).

For 48-year-old Chief Okeke, bringing 24-year-old Paulina to the United States to be his bride masks his failures and shortcomings because he can tell Paulina's parents that he is an Economics Professor when, in fact, he drives Yellow Cab with the Ph D degree in economics which he has carefully tucked away in a dresser.

You cannot mask your true self in America because the women you are seen with know more about you than you care to know.

They know you are from the "jungle", that you eat foo-foo, drink Heinekens, go to the Hole In the Wall night club, and have an accent they hardly can understand.

They like and respect you after you told them you were a prince from the royal family of King Inyang who owns oil wells.

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