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, says she's "gonna be fine," the illness caused her to miss two episodes, during which Leah Remini will guest star.Johnston initially didn't want to name the auto-immune disorder she'd been diagnosed with, instead merely explaining how her recent health issues meant that she wouldn't be in a couple of upcoming episodes of her show.While working set construction for the Catskill Actors Theater, he was given a role as a waiter with two lines in Death Of a Salesman. He continued working odd jobs until he was cast as Scott Bakula's brother, "Tom", in the TV series "Quantum Leap" (1989) (which was a very memorable role and performance).Renowned actor David Newsom has held various roles in television.In his more recent career, he tackled roles on "Supernatural" (2005-) and "Inconceivable" (NBC, 2005-06).Newsom most recently produced "Port Protection" (National Geographic Channel, 2014-15).assess that likely 1.5 million Americans have been afflicted with this chronic autoimmune disease.The disease sees the body assailed by the its own immune system.

And though it's been less than a year since her revelation, her doctor has not only revealed that Kristen is now in remission, but that if Kristen had 'waited' any later, she might not have been so lucky.

He attended a year at Ohio University but then dropped out.

He has worked as a band singer, alternative newspaper editor, write, waiter, delivery man, blasting worker, beer bottler, fence installer, and has worked in film production and set construction. by a friend, and got a small part in TV's "China Beach" (1988) (which was later cut).

M.) shares 25 things you don't know about her with Us Weekly.

I love teaching acting much more that I love acting itself.

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