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Many immigrant groups have racially distanced themselves from Blacks due to anti-Black prejudice and stigma.Racial distancing can be transmitted to children through regulating intimate contact with Blacks.Therefore, it is necessary to understand the types of messages that young adults receive about interracial relationships early on.This study examines the types of racialized messages that Latino parents utilize to discuss dating Blacks with their children.The study is grounded in the following three areas: current scholarship on interracial relationships, racial attitudes and realities and race/gender conceptual frameworks.).

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This study illuminates how Latino parents create racialized and gendered boundaries between their children and Blacks.

My work fills this gap by focusing on Latino and Black interracial dating.

One important issue highlighted in the interracial dating literature is that of family disapproval ().

Families fear that young adults will receive negative reactions from others and differential treatment from societal institutions.

However, this rationale upholds a racialized system of oppression that privileges Whites and oppresses non-Whites ().

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