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Sister Roberta (Molly Hagan) enters and says Kramer has arrived to pick George up.

She also expresses her gratitude of him joining the church.

("Kavorka" is very close to an Armenian form of the name Kevork.) He is given instructions to buy various foul-smelling foods and wear them, which inevitably stinks the apartment building.

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Kramer runs to the church to try to catch Sister Roberta in time.While Jerry is helping George study for his conversion test, Elaine comes into the apartment and Jerry gives her the tube for her boyfriend. Jerry didn't see a name, and Elaine says she had a fight with him because Jerry "got her thinking." Before she leaves, Jerry slips the tube into her purse.He goes over to George, who decided he's going to cheat on the conversion test by writing the answers on his hand.They are infuriated and even more so when they hear that he's doing it for a woman.Frank even thinks that it's a group that goes around killing squirrels by mutilating them.

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