Law of attraction and online dating

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You see, the Law of Attraction will bring you what you vibrate, and by vibrate I mean your most predominant thoughts and feelings.If you have an experience of never meeting the right person, then you must have a vibration of never meeting the right person, or your predominant thoughts and feelings would be, that you believe you just never meet the right person.Law of Attraction is a relationship website that has been around for longer than the film The Secret, and to date, there are over 25,000 members who all share a passion for the Law of Attraction.But is there any need for a relationship website that brings people together based on a common interest of the Law of Attraction?As you have probably experienced, adjusting your vibration is far easier to say, than do.When you are continually faced and reminded of a reality of rejection, loneliness, desperation and frustration, trying to be grateful for what you have, is not so easy.

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As soon as I have had a chance to review of the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Singles site, I shall post my comments here.It shouldn’t be the case, but it does seem that people find it much easier to apply the Law of Attraction, if they are in a relationship that shares an interest in this Law, rather than a relationship where one person affirms and visualizes, whilst the other partner finds the whole process a bit weird and ‘out there’.I suppose when you’re faced with a reality of not being with anyone at all, it is irrelevant whether or not it would be an advantage to be with someone who shares your Law of Attraction passion, I guess the biggest question would have to be, how do you use the Law of Attraction to find the perfect relationship?Thoughts of lack, sponsor a reality of lack, and it is really important that you redefine the thoughts about the lack that you are experiencing, so that they cease to sponsor more lack into your future. List these things, think about these things, be grateful for these things, and whenever a thought or feeling enters your mind that contradicts these things, switch to the thoughts and feelings that are, the of best of now.So, if the secret to finding the perfect partner, is adjusting your vibration, why would you consider joining a relationship site like Law of Attraction Singles?

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