Legend of zelda dating sim cheats

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Once you run out of HP, you click work one more time, and you'll faint.

Food: On a diet Colors: Orange and Red Location: The Casino Stats: Charm and Strength Song: "No Good Deed"LOTR book: Return of the King "You can close..memories" Unreal Flash - Halo Measurements: Weight: 50 KG Height: 156 cm. You pick the choice where you watch over Veon, then you unlock him. You go to Xolga's shop, and you click work until you run out of HP.

Pink and White Water She doesn't eat, apparently... : Lord of the Rings Battle Weight: 41 KG Waist: 48 cm. Black and White Water She'll eat anything healthy =3 Height: 159 cm. Location: The Woods LOTR book: The Return of the King LOTR Song: Concerning Hobbit LOTR Location: The Misty Mountains 1-541-2367-089 "A wall against pain is also a wall that keeps out the joy." Sign: The Night Stats: Charm and Romance The Sims- I like this girl! Take the screwdriver to Xolga and he'll give you a magnifying glass.

Elf Sim Date(Talk to them until you get about 245-260 experiance, before you can give something to the girls.) Cosette20years old November 11 Breast: 79 cm. Location: Great River LOTR book: The Hobbit LOTR Song: "On My Own" Gollums Song LOTR Location: The Shine LOTR part: The Hobit 1-998-5426-377 "You can close you eyes to reality but not to memories." The Thief Stats: Persuasion and Speed Game? Eponine(Les Miserables) 18 years February 19 Breast: 71 cm. White and Blue Drink: A strong pint of beer Pizza From: The Grey havens Height:169 Hips: 80 cm Location: The Beach LOTR book: The Hobbit LOTR Location: The Grey havens LOTR Song: The Bridge of Khazad-Dum 1-550-2200-911 Quote: "Worry does not empty today of it's sorrow, but if it's strength." Sign: The Spring Speed and Strength Final Fantasy VII... Take the pocket knife to Elias and he'll give you a screwdriver.

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“, that way he'll later come back to Reton on day 10(he'll be at the train station).If you give him stickers, you'll have special cutscene.(cc1)(Some)Cheat codes: doublerainbowpride (Maximun relationship with Bianca) ohgoditsinfmajor (Automatically unlocks Bianca) insovietrussiayouhealbandage (Maximum relationship with Emmett) donottrytrainjumpingathome (Automatically unlocks Emmett) ddrripoffsftw (Maximum relationship with Cole) guyaissecretlyace (Automatically unlocks Cole) allsimboysarerobotsanyway (Maximum relationship with Oz) screwtherulesihavemoney (Automatically unlocks Oz) fastfoward (Brings you to the 30th day) itstimeforinflation (Gives you 00)Ganguro Girls (18 ): Being called "20" gives you max of everything. (bi3)Info: When you choose what to say to her/answer a guestion, don't comment on her appearance untill you have the opinion to at least give gifts to her and don't treat her like a doll, but like a human. )Etiqutte Kama Sutra Gossip Lefty Babestation: Arachne: Likes punk clothing. If you clicked the correct keys, you should see a cut-scene and after that you can start talking to her.

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