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But I doubt he would have the fortitude to back this up with reasonable commentary.As an X-catholic i agree with these comments and i would also like to hear what you (Jimmy Akin) have to say after hearing these comments.And secondly on the same point, how can you say that a sin can be committed when the action is not evil in itself!?Just because a priest says something is a sin does not make it so!

Does that mean the rest of the world lives in Mortal Sin?To me, a sin is a violation of a law of God as directed in the Bible. I won’t be able to come back to this site for another week or more.Catholic history has shown how horribly priests have misused their so-called authority in declaring things sinful, then later abolished by other priests later on. But I’d be very curious what the creator of this site (Jimmy Akin?? The fact that he makes a statement that eating meat during Lenten Fridays is a mortal sin, equivalant to murder or rape is so totally looney and idiotic that it must be addressed.He was not “raised in a Catholic environment,” and definitely has not taken on Catholic belief without examining it!Kate, An ACCIDENTAL or an ABSENTMINDED bite of meat on a Friday in Lent, isn’t sending anyone to Hell.

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