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Entire cities rise and fall at the whim of a dream "architect" (Juno star Ellen Page).Rendered weightless due to a freefall he's experiencing at a higher dream level (don't ask), a dream invader ((500) Days of Summer's Joseph Gordon-Levitt) engages in an all-out midair brawl with a team of assassins in a hotel hallway, running up walls, crawling along ceilings, flying through doorways.The final hour of the film, is possibly one of the most complicated action sequences put on film.You have to constantly be paying attention to remember all of the layers of what is happening.It is absolutely confident in every way, something which is extremely refreshing, even more so than Avatar.Christopher Nolan gets some slack for making great to look at but ultimately heartless affairs, which I for one do not agree with, however I do not think anyone can argue that here.

Writer/director Christopher Nolan, who reinvented the superhero genre with Batman Begins, and who told a murder mystery backwards in Memento, has with Inception done nothing less than revolutionize the way you'll think about your dream life.

Ellen Page, whom I usually hate, gives a great performance here.

Tom Hardy gives a break out performance here, he is quite the bad ass.

I cannot recommend this film anymore than I have, I just have to say everyone and anyone should see it.

Sorry about all the gushing, it is just so hard not too.

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