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We understand that these are among the questions that still remained unanswered from Foggy Bottom.

One source says that his/her post “ Danger Pay, like Post Hardship Differential, and Difficult-to-Staff Incentive Differential (also known as Service-Needs Differential) are all considered recruitment and retention incentives.

Follow @Diplopundit In February 2015, we blogged about the proposed changes to the State Department’s danger pay incentives (see Danger Danger, Bang Bang — State Department Eyes Changes in Danger Pay).

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These allowances are designed to recruit employees to posts where living conditions may be difficult or dangerous.

The State Department has been criticized for its inability to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of its incentive program, specifically its danger and hardship programs.

Danger pay authorized under this subparagraph will not be paid for periods of time that the employee either receives danger pay authorized under subparagraph “f” or post differential that would duplicate political violence credit.

Danger Pay authorized under DSSR 652(g), unofficially referred to as “hazardous duty” or “imminent danger pay,” is paid at a flat monthly rate (currently 5).

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