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If one of these conversations ever starts to get heated, you will know by her powerful stare that it is time for you to drop it.You would be wise Libra to not pursue the topic any further.His tenderness touches her to her soul, and his sentiment will teach her how to be sentimental too.Usually it is the woman that teaches the man to be sentimental, but if you read the first paragraph of this post you will understand why it is the other way around. Let me start this post out by explaining something very important to you about this man.

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After doing his best of using his charm, he finally got her number on a piece of paper.

She likes to know things, because knowledge gives one power.

If his intentions are not honorable she will either walk away, or face the challenge of making him hers.

She will know how to persuade him into a lighter mood when he is down, and he will be able to do the same for her with his humor and charm.

When she is having a rough week at work he is the type of man to have dinner waiting for her at home, and a bunch of balloons that brings a huge smile to her face.

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