Lindsay lohan spoof dating video

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“And to put all those rumours to rest, I am not broke. “I’m looking for a compatible mate who’s looking for a night on the town,as long as he or she is driving of course; likes ankle monitoring bracelets,and doesn’t have family members quick to issue restraining orders…“So if you think you can handle a redhead with a bit of sass…But Lindsay does make manage to make light of her current predicament.In one lighthearted moment, one of the characters tells her, “You look like Marilyn Monroe,” to which Lindsay replies, "“Marilyn never had to wear a SCRAM bracelet!The 22-year-old actress, who has a conviction for drink driving, said: "Hi, my name is Lindsay and I'm searching for love.

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Set up two years ago by Will Ferrell, the comic actor, it has become established as an essential part of the Hollywood landscape.”The movie was shot only weeks before Lindsay was sent to jail for violating her probation and co-stars Vince Shlomi, better known in the US as 'the Sham Wow guy', and famous for his television adverts selling absorpant towels.The pair are said to have met in Cannes in May, when Lindsay famously missed a court appearance, according to TMZ.But in the meantime, her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson has shown she really does still care for Lindsay Lohan with a third visit to see the star in jail in just over a week.The 32-year-old DJ rolled up at the Lynwood Correctional Facility in her black Porsche and then kept her head down as she strolled into the jail.

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