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One study on diphenhydramine for example found sedation to be equal to placebo after just 4 days of daily use. JPG I wish I could find graphs like this for each drug, that would be a lot easier to compare. I do have the binding affinities for the other drugs you mentioned, but I will have to post them later as I have to get off the internet for a while. Hydrazine is a toxic chemical or an old group of MAOIs which are rarely ever used anymore due to toxicity. Moving this to Other Drugs BDD -Quetiapine and promethazine are pretty damn sedating. The sedating effects of these drugs does not only stem from their antihistamine activity.

Hydroxyzine is good option for sedation/anxiolysis. Unlike most other first-generation antihistamines, it has negligible affinity for the m ACh receptors and therefore does not produce clinically significant anticholinergic effects. Yep, as I said in my first post some antihistamines have additional mechanisms of action that may add to the sedation.

Just wondering if someone could supply some binding affinity charts to this thread. Histamine antagonism in the brain is inherently sedating, but apparently many of the 2nd-gen antihistamines are poor at crossing the blood brain barrier, and therefore less sedating, (it depends on which one though, some 2nd-gen ones are still sedating).

) α2C-adrenergic (Ki = 18 n M) α2A-adrenergic (Ki = 20 n M) α2B-adrenergic (unspecified, likely similar to α2A/α2B-adrenergic) D1 (Ki = 4,167n M) D2 (Ki = 1,460n M) D3 (Ki = 5,723n M) D4 (Ki = 25n M) H1 (Ki = 5.1 n M) 5-HT1A (Ki=18n M; IC50=1,000n M) 5-HT2A (Ki = 69 n M) 5-HT2B (unspecified, ~20-fold lower than for 5-HT2A/2C) 5-HT2C (Ki = 39 n M) 5-HT3 (unspecified, likely similar to 5-HT2A/2C) 5-HT7 (Ki = 265 n M) m ACh receptors (Ki = 794 n M? Out of those, seroquel was by far the most sedating, with promethazine coming in second.

Is probably the most readily available sedating antihistamine.

It is a common ingredient in over-the-counter (OTC) preparations for sleep, such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) PM -- the PM part is diphenhydramine, the generic name for Benadryl.

Just wondering if someone could supply some binding affinity charts to this thread. I think dopamine blockade increases melatonin production or something?

Here is info on the binding affinities (it would be nicer if they were bar graphs like the one I posted for diphenhydramine). I'm not psyched about the propensity for both antihistamine and antidopamine actions to cause/exacerbate RLS and other movement disorders though.

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