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Mandylor commented on his character: "Hoffman is sort of torn of becoming a mad man or becoming a guy that's more composed, coming from a pure place like Jigsaw.

That's my character's dilemma; does he go fucking crazy or follow the rules of the boss?

They inform him that abnormalities were found in Strahm's fingerprints, and Erickson eventually reveals their knowledge of Strahm's death.

The moment his voice is unscrambled, Hoffman attacks and kills everyone in the room, plants fingerprints using Strahm's severed hand, and lights the room on fire to destroy the evidence.

Pamela awakens in another cage on the other side of the room.

During the game, Hoffman is called away by Erickson and Perez, who found the Baxter videotape and are having it unscrambled by an offsite technician.

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The game is viewed by a woman named Tara and her son Brent from a cage below the observation room, which contains a tank of hydrofluoric acid and a switch marked "Live" and "Die".

Also present is Lindsey Perez, whose survival was covered up by Erickson for her protection. Adam Heffner, the coroner who performed all of the autopsies for the case thus far, that the knife used to cut the jigsaw piece from Eddie's flesh was only used once before, on Seth Baxter.

The agents intend to find the Baxter videotape to prove Strahm's involvement.

While at the hospital to meet with Simone, Hoffman is met by reporter Pamela Jenkins, who claims to have found something at the meatpacking plant.

He later meets with Jill Tuck at her clinic and takes control of the games, and is given five envelopes from the box left to her in John Kramer's will, each containing photos of people to be tested.

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